My Super Uncool Running Playlist

I have a playlist for running. I know this isn’t groundbreaking. But, nothing on mine appears in all of those recommended running playlists. Mine is super uncool. But you know what, it works (for me)!

So, I thought I’d share, even if just for a laugh (at my expense). You’re welcome!

I normally put these on shuffle so that I don’t get caught up in thinking the run is nearly over. Yes, lying to myself works.


1. Easy Money – Billy Joel

This makes me smile whenever I hear it. I think it’s funny and it has a great pace for running – even if it’s not completely consistent. So, it takes my mind off of the run but still makes my feet keep moving. Remember that episode of Friends where Phoebe and Rachel go running? Phoebe runs like a child and Rachel is embarrassed – but Phoebe is loving every minute. This song makes me Phoebe.


2. Footloose – Kenny Loggins

Oh Kenny. This isn’t about memories of the film. The film is shockingly bad.

This is about memories of the best spinning session I ever went to. We’d warmed up, and then we finished on Footloose. When it started, I was like “Oh man, this sucks!”. I was knackered and so ready for this crazy spinning stuff to be over. But. The instructor told us to really go for it whenever the chorus came on. By about half way through I was euphoric – this isn’t an understatement. I think I actually cried. And not because I knew I wouldn’t be able to walk when I got off the bike. Now this song has a sort of muscle memory thing for me. It’s awesome. Try it.


3. Everything – Dum Dums

No real story to this. It reminds me of uni days and it has a good beat. Nobody ever talks about Dum Dums? I think they’re great.


4. Take On Me – Reel Big Fish

This is a brilliant cover version. All of the greatness of the original, but super pumped and fast and jolly. Perfect for running. I am fairly sure I mouth the words as I run (cos I’m running super fast to this song – jokes!).


5. River Deep Mountain High – Ike and Tina Turner

This is good to warm up to, it should be first. But as I said, I can’t have the songs in the same order because my body would cheat and slow down.


6. Lump – Presidents of the United States of America

This makes me laugh and I get caught up in this weird vision I have of Lump. Meanwhile, there’s that beat in the background, tricking my feet into moving, while my brain gets lost in this girl’s life I am pretty sure I should feel sorry for but am actually a little jealous of…bah bowm bah bah bah nowm…


7. Going Underground – The Jam

Good beat, another good one for the warm up. To be honest though, sometimes I only get part way through before I skip it.


8. Sober – Muse

This is due to be struck from the list, it takes too long to warm up. It’s only there for nostalgia’s sake really.


9. Don’t Ask Me – OK Go

You never hear of these guys? It’s happy, has a good beat and reminds me of my twenties. What’s not to run to?


10. The Set Up – Reel Big Fish

This is a new one for my list. The beat is OK, a little bit slow to start. But I like the “yoo-ooo!” bit. Keeping me happy. Keeps me running.

I know, I need a longer list. The problem is, I keep removing things that don’t work and never seem to add any more…Suggestions welcome!

Requirements: Something fast, happy and distracting…

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  1. gary says:

    when i run to lump, i instinctively throw up my hands on the bacbeat (she’s lump — hands — she’s lump — hands — she’s in my head). although i get a lot of looks, it fulfills my upper body training. at least till i’m institutionalized.

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