The Joy of the Hula Hoop!

I have a new hula hoop. WOOP!

I have a few. But none that I take seriously, they are for my daughter to play with, and I play along with her. Mostly, we trot around the garden holding them between us, pretending to be a train – complete with sound effects. It’s possible I get too involved with it.

This one, is a weighted one. I had one a few weeks ago, but it tore really easily. So I returned it.


I didn’t know these sorts of hula hoops existed. They have a foamy padding to them. You can get them in different weights. They arrive in pieces and you put them together. The one I had before was about 2.5kg I think. It was addictive. I did about 30 minutes of hooping on the first day. The second day, my abs and back were bruised from it. I’m not kidding. After using it, my tummy went all red.


This second one I have is 1.5kg (so my mum can use it too). It’s still addictive, but no bruising and no red marks.

You can do all sorts with a hula hoop – who knew?! Lunges, squats, different directions, etc. There’s a whole bunch of hula hooping suggestions on Pinterest. I’m not gonna go into that now.

I am amazed at how “easy” it is to keep it going. I just don’t drop it – I have to choose to stop. The extra weight really helps with the movement. Then, I tried the old school hula hoop I have, which has sand in it I think. So it’s weighted but not in the same way. And guess what? I can do that too now? It’s as if these super heavy hula hoops actually teach you the technique of hula hooping.

No, I’m not on a bet for how many times I can say “hula hoop”.

So, the hula is good for your abs, and I think your arms too – because you have to keep them up and out of the way. But the main thing, is that it’s fun. That and I’m best at it in our family, which is always good.

A bit like dancing, it makes me happy. I might not be great at it, and it may not be pretty, but it makes me feel good in a really pure and simple way. So, I think you should all revisit the humble hula hoop…


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