Tough Mudder Countdown: – 6 Days

Tough Mudder is in 6 days. 7 sleeps.

I should be more excited. But I feel totally bogged down by the admin caused by planning three people to complete a tough mudder, two adults to watch and two children to wait until we are done. It’s not been much fun – I’ll try to suppress the rant, or at least save it to the end.

We have the course map – we are only running the half, so just the blue route to focus on. The half consists of 5 miles and 13 obstacles. I am feeling pretty blasé about the whole thing.

Here are the obstacles we are facing:


45 degree angle wall – the wrong way. I figure you basically have to run, jump, grab and hope. If you make it that far, then you have to somehow muscle up (heave!) and crawl over the top. I know how hard is to do a pull up. I can do some, but only assisted.

I think instead, I might think about it more like a bouldering problem than a pull up. I will most likely need help, depending on the height of the wall and whether I’m pacing myself from the beginning or not…


Kiss of mud

This one is simple, barbed wire crawl for 40 feet. Through the mud. Then we’re done.

Block Ness Monster

Team effort to push and pull massive floating blocks – I’m confused. I’ve seen the pictures but I’m really not sure. I don’t know if they’re heavy or actually floating or what.

Mud Mile

Eight foot mud mounds apparently require teamwork. So I’m confused again.

Lumber Jacked

Log hurdles – apparently also requiring assistance. I have no idea how high they are, I think there are only two…I’m just very confused!

Devil’s Beard

Crawl under a heavy net. So, more crawling (as with skidmarked), but no barbed wire this time.


The barbed wire is back. And so is the crawling. Then through some pipes, they might be tight, I’m not sure. Then there’s an ice drop.

Is it just me who thinks this all sounds a bit…repetitive?

Hero Walls

Ten foot high walls. Help at the bottom and help at the top will hopefully be provided by other mudders.

Hero Carry

With this one, you have to carry a mudder – or be carried? I think I’d rather be the carrier than the carry-ee. I fear I am heavy for my size, I’m efficiently packed into a relatively small package. I might get weird about this one.

King of the Mountain

Climbing up hay bales. It doesn’t sound that tough?

Killa Gorilla

Steep uphill climb, fast downhill with tight turns – I could do this to myself, staying at home. My morale score is low.


Run and aim for the hands – you can’t get up without someone else’s help. I don’t know what this really means. It looks a bit like they’ve stolen a section of the Berlin wall, and they are making people get over it and pull others over it.

Pyramid scheme 2.0

It’s a slippery mound which basically looks like you have to climb up a pyramid of other mudders.


I’m sure that I will enjoy this, I’m just dealing with some disappointment. I think I disagree with the way the whole tough mudder is handled and delivered.

Uh oh, here comes the rant.

Firstly, the cost. You pay for your ticket, you are told it buys your event on the day, a t-shirt, a headband and a pint (later revealed as cider – whatever).

I knew when I checked out the first time that I’d have to pay for spectators. Okay, but it still annoyed me.

Later, I found out that I had to pay for parking. For our team, and the spectators.

I’ve been leaving this to the last minute because it annoyed me! So today I bought the parking and spectator tickets.

On checkout, a processing fee is applied – WHAT?

Spectators pay £10 EACH. Parking is £15 per vehicle if you pay in advance, the price goes up on the day. Then on top of that, there’s a processing fee?!

Listen up Tough Mudder people: I bought my ticket in January. The price was “low” at about £68. If I’d have been told in January, that the price was £100 PER TICKET but that was the last time I’d be asked for money and everything would be handled for me, I’d have paid it.

To find out later that it’s an extra £40+? Well, it just annoyed me. Like, why? Why make it difficult? Why give me that thing to be annoyed by? Why take away from the fun of the event?

Please don’t get me wrong, I appreciate that these things take time, effort, organisation and there are costs involved. I really do understand. I don’t have an issue with the cost, I have an issue with the delivery of the information. It all feels a little too grabby.

Then it got worse.

It’s not “simple” to buy parking. There are two routes to it. I don’t even remember the details and it was only today. I was in a rage haze.

Then, my sister said she hadn’t received her ticket or confirmation. So I contacted support. I gave them my order details, my registration ID and a whole bunch of information. They sent me an automated email with a section from the FAQs and told me my ticket was closed.

Um, no, my problem is not resolved.

So I hit the chat button. And it’s a robot. If I want to talk to a person, I have to type “talk to a human”. Which I did and have had no response.

Rant rant rant. I’ll be sensible again now.

I have two things to say on this I think, both based on the circumstance of you agreeing to complete a Tough Mudder.

  1. If someone organises it for you – whether this is a work thing or a friend or whatever…Make sure you thank them and show actual, proper appreciation. Not just for the cost, but for the ridiculous process of even getting a ticket and booking parking. Just be grateful – okay?
  2. If you’re doing it yourself, try to remain peaceful. Stay calm and don’t get annoyed at the presumptions and extras and well, everything else.

I want to enjoy this. I thought it was going to be more fun. But the fact is, I’m disappointed at the obstacles. I’m disappointed at the process and the way people are treated and the whole thing…just seems too difficult, and we haven’t even got to the warm up area yet!

I’m hoping that after 7 sleeps I will have chilled out and will be ready to compete, with a happy heart and without waiting for the next request for money to be presented to me.

On the plus side, it’s taken the heat off of my training for this week. And it means I still get to climb at the end of the week. I’m going to take two rest days (Wednesday and Friday).

But I care less. And that makes me sad.

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