Tough Mudder Countdown: 5 sleeps and I need a rest day

5 sleeps until the Tough Mudder Half.

I’m tired.

I’m also a little annoyed that all of that lovely cash Tough Mudder receive isn’t spent updating their website. There are lots of pages that have only half been updated, leaving event dates set at 2017. This even applies to the drop down list on the support email form – you can get support on past events but not future ones. Whaaaat?

Anyway, I am tired. I think I may be well in need of some rest. My mind is willing, but as soon as I start doing something, I feel tired. Yesterday I woke up happy and ready to do a 15 mile bike ride. I was excited, it was sunny. I was going to take my mountain bike through the woods the back way to a mountain bike trail.

Excuses soon turned that bike ride into an 8 mile compromise. Which turned into 4 miles once I was on my bike, my thighs were super heavy. I could get up the hills, but it wasn’t easy.

Confused by my fatigue, I checked what I’d done last week: 

7 workouts: ranging from circuits, 2 hours of bouldering, T25 sessions

2 bike rides: only 4 miles each

3 runs

1 yoga session

I’d already decided to give myself two rest days this week instead of one, but they won’t be consecutive. I really am not prepared to give up my climbing session and Thursday is the only day I can do.

I think my point is that I need to let myself rest. I need to get over my fatigue. Especially since I have a million things happening in my head and I’m not sleeping enough to properly recover.

So, I’m going to try really hard to take it easy this week. I’ve already done an upper body workout today. If I do another session later, it will just be a yoga/stretch session.

Tuesday I might have a short run and that’s it.

Wednesday I’m not doing anything, unless I do another stretch session.

Thursday it’s climbing – but nothing else. I will often run or do some cardio after climbing. You know, to make sure I am properly knackered for my rest day on Friday!

Friday is another rest day.

Saturday is event day.

Then it’s a new week and I will have to reassess my training pattern and decide what I’m training for – duh, the answer to that will be climbing! But it means I need to figure out what that actually requires. For example, do I continue running now I’ve made this much progress in such a short space of time? I probably should…

There’s been something on my mind that I can’t figure out. Since having my girl, I’ve been in pretty good shape – the best of my life. I’m the fittest I’ve ever been – and I wasn’t unfit before. After having Shaun T run my life for 2 years or more, I was pretty pleased with the results. But in the last three months, everything has gone up a notch.

The problem is that I didn’t handle this like a scientific experiment – I changed too many things at the same time to know what has caused the better results.

The results I’m talking about are very nearly visible abs and a decent ass (for the first time in my life!). Whilst still eating basically what I want…

Is this a result of the running, hula hooping, climbing, pull up work (hanging crunches, dead hangs, assisted pull ups, reverse pull ups, etc.), push up focus or everything?

Or is it as simple as the fact that I’ve shaken things up. My body doesn’t know what I’m going to do next. I don’t have a schedule, I figure it out on the fly. I might have a rough target to get two runs, a lower body focus, an upper body focus and an ab focus done in any given week. But I don’t decide how or when those will happen. And then there are the extras. If I have ten minutes spare I’ll go and hula or even skip.

Last week I did a circuit session and I had no idea what it would consist of before I started. I just took some kit outside and mixed it up. I didn’t avoid things I hate (skipping) and I just kept moving for 35 minutes. It was HARD. But it felt good.

I think you may have guessed that I think the results come from the variety. Obviously the time I’m putting in is one thing, but I really haven’t stepped it up that much…

I wish I’d paid more attention. I wish I could give myself a formula for how to reliably maintain it. Or to tell people “just do this and you’ll get these results”.

I’m rambling! I think I should go and lie down…or maybe I should go for a run – kidding!

Tough Mudder: I need a rest day

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