When did it become normal for the police to wander around the airport carrying multiple firearms?

I’m here to pick up a friend and the flight is delayed. There’s a fella carrying a big old gun with another one on his hip. And nobody seems spooked. It’s not like this is a normal sight in Britain, so why is everyone acting like nothing strange is happening? There’s no novelty factor, no shock or surprise as the guy nudges through the thin crowd?

The delayed flight is putting my climbing session in jeopardy. I’m being a good friend. I’m staying and not abandoning them to the train. Kidding, I’m being better than that. I’ve already sent a message to my climbing buddy saying I may not make it. So if I do, it’s a bonus.

I really want to go climbing.

Anyway, these guns. And the sniffer dog eagerly stalking through brightly coloured bags as a collection of strange people come through the arrivals gate.

A lady has joined me crouched on the floor, leaning against the wall. I wonder if her knees will last longer than mine as I give in and decide the floor isn’t that dirty.

I haven’t seen this guy for eight months. I think I’ve spoken to him every day since December (when I finally decided to take control of my life and stop putting up with sh…stuff). So this is a big deal! My best friend is moving home – yey!

I’ve just been momentarily distracted by what can only be described as a pair of camel sweatpants. On a guy. I can imagine him in the store, flicking through rails of black, grey and blue joggers before searching for a member of staff. “Excuse me? These pants are great, but do you have any in camel? Thanks.”

I’ve not had much sleep so I think my night dream brain is blurring into my day time mind, apologies.

People actually do that airport greeting thing like Love Actually? I’ve spent quite a lot of time in airports but never seen it quite like today. There have been passionate kisses (it was sweet and gross at the same time), joyous shrieks and now an actual run with outstretched arms. Wow.

How do some people manage to get off of planes looking amazing? I slept in my own bed last night and I look like I’ve done more uncomfortable miles this morning than a lot of these guys…

This is getting ridiculous. I clearly have nothing to say while I’m resting. I’m looking forward to next week when the tough mudder is done, I’m back to training and I have something to talk about!

They’re still not out, I’m not going climbing, am I?

Have a lovely day…

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