How running gave me a super power – well, sort of…

I ran for the first time in ten days today. It wasn’t a great run, but it wasn’t a bad one. I’m only going on what I think happened, my garmin decided to record someone else’s run I think!

For starters, it thinks I ran 5 miles – I ran maybe 3 and a bit. Second, it thinks my overall pace was 6 minutes – it wasn’t, more like 9. I don’t really know why it was so far off, usually it’s pretty reliable. Anyway.

I went further than normal and I didn’t get bored. Normally, I find running so tedious, I stop and walk – I realise this doesn’t make a huge amount of sense…I’m counting the fact that I kept going as progress. I felt good while I was running, for the most part. My left knee started feeling a bit iffy about half a mile from the end. Usually it’s my right knee. I did my usual cool down when I got home and then did some dead hangs and pull ups – yes, I did TWO pull ups! More progress!

As soon as I stopped, everything tightened up – not normal. I rolled it out (gotta love that foam roller) and had a bath, still tight. I guess I’m just out of practice, but it’s not like I haven’t been working out in other ways.

Sorry, I’m rambling a bit. I’ll get to my point.

When my knee started getting iffy, instead of getting bored, I focused on my form. Nothing else. I had my usual running music playing, loud. The rest was just sheep, green, a deer and me running.

About five minutes after I had stopped, I realised the truth about something that’s been bugging me for days. It doesn’t actually matter what it was, what matters is the clarity that came from nowhere. There are so many things floating around on the internet telling you why you should exercise. Most of these are for those generic “health benefits” and to look and feel good – also fairly generic.

I know I’m not breaking new ground here, it’s been said before. What I’m getting at, is that I don’t think it is said enough.

The clarity was a complete surprise. I thought I had one answer to my issue and BANG, all of a sudden I have something else. Something else which rippled through me and explained a whole list of other very similar issues.

And I got all of this from thirty minutes of running? This could actually be life changing. No, really.

I think it’s a sort of super power. I get to see my problems and challenges from a totally different perspective, and find completely unexpected ways to interpret them. This ultimately means that I can react in a much more rounded and reasonable way, and make real decisions that actually make sense.

I don’t have this super power in any other activity I’ve tried so far.

During T25 I concentrate too much and I listen to Shaun T, even if I do know all of the words like it’s some sort of song! When I’m climbing, I’m thinking about climbing, mostly. Probably 80%. When I’m cycling, I’m trying not to fall off. When I do yoga, my mind wanders all over the place – but I don’t think I’ve ever had a major break through.

This has happened before when I run. Maybe not in such a big way though.

And so it turns out that the complete monotony and boredom I feel when I’m running is actually something really special to me?! I mean, it’s fairly easy. The running. Once you crack the form that works for your body, you just have to go. Mind where you tread and don’t get run over (if that’s even applicable), that’s it. The rest is scenery, if you’re lucky. And the same old rhythm. Over and over again. And again. And again. Until you’re finished.

I promise to only use my super power for good. I wonder if I can learn to actually channel it somehow? Hmmm. Exciting!

With great power, comes great responsibility…

How running helped me find my SUPER POWER - well, sort of...

Running for accidental meditation...

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