Blank Flanks are Better

This is a bit of a niche topic. Maybe I should give some background for those who aren’t subjected to as much My Little Pony as me. By the way, all the cool kids just say MLP.

Okay, so each pony gets a cutie mark when they figure out what they are special at. What they are meant to do. Their cutie mark is the little picture on the bums…

So, Pinkie Pie, the fun, party pony has balloons on her butt. Rarity, queen of style and elegance – but not in a horrible way, she’s super generous – has three diamonds on her ass. Rainbow dash is mega fast and she has, well, a rainbow lightning bolt type deal back there. You get it.

I think there are actually some great messages for kids in MLP, which is why I don’t have much of a problem with my girl watching it. Don’t get me started on some of the sh…stuff I don’t like her to watch.

The ponies are all about solving problems, working together, forming friendships, etc. They have fun and they evaluate the lesson – they achieve and notice when things don’t go as planned.

But. They have a real downer on blank flanks. This is when ponies don’t have a cutie mark. They have no specialty.

I think it’s great if you find something you want to do, and manage to stick to it your whole life. Especially if you still love it along the journey and at the end.

But if you don’t, is that bad? Of course not! Maybe I’m in denial, just because I haven’t got my cutie mark – I mean, haven’t figured out my specialty. I enjoy variety and knowing I still have options. Knowing I can still do or be anything. The thought of only doing or being one thing for the rest of my life sort of fills me with fear.

Having a definition sounds like a fence to me, a restriction.

So go blank flanks! Try new things, be good at more than one! Just enjoy the possibilities.

I should admit to being very tired at the moment, so it’s a possibility I’ve taken this whole MLP thing too far. Only a possibility mind you…


Blank Flanks are Better - Lessons from MLP for adults (maybe)

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